Cindy Chinn Carves Miniature Trains Out of Carpenter Pencils

By 2:05 PM

With a steady hand and sharp knife, artist Cindy Chinn turns everyday carpenter pencils into works of art by shaping the lead inside into trains, animals and objects. Based in Nebraska and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, the multi-talented artist is also an accomplished painter, muralist and woodworker.

On her website, Chinn reflects:

    “I have always been creative and I’ve spent my life since college as a professional artist in many fields from animation to slot machine design and beyond. I spent many years working as art director for some of the largest gaming manufacturers in Las Vegas.
    Many years and many corporate art careers later I now have the studio space to match my creative vision. I have dedicated myself to building a fine art career in acrylic painting and sculpting in a variety of mediums.”

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