15 seriously mind-blowing pictures untouched by Photoshop

By 3:44 AM

Our planet is a truly spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful place, filled with gorgeous natural wonders.
We collected some amazing photos to prove to you that mother nature is one crazy ingenious artist. And while working on her masterpieces she needs no help from Photoshop whatsoever. 

Where the Namib Desert meets the sea



Waterfalls off the edge of a glacier in Svalbard, Norway



The Verzasca river, Switzerland. Its water is crystal clear, so you can see right to the bottom.



After rain








Lenticular clouds over Mount Damavand



A thunderstorm in South Dakota



A helicopter approaching the surface of the water




The colors of autumn reflected in water



Windows in the sky, or is the sky revealing its hidden windows? The Chrysler Building, New York.




The Northern Lights, Norway



A wonderful view, Sardinia




A dragonfly covered in crystal clear raindrops



Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia



A surreal long-exposure photograph of a merry-go-round



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