Gravity is the Only Glue That Holds These Together

By 11:07 AM

Michael Grab is a master of balancing rocks and stones. The artist and photographer first explored rock balancing in 2008 while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado.

Since then the activity has become a source of meditative practice and creative passion and Grab has become prolific in the art form. On his website, Grab explains:

    Balance requires a minimum of three contact points. Luckily, every rock is covered in a variety of tiny to large indentations that can act as a natural tripod for the rock to stand upright, or in most orientations you can think of with other rocks. By paying close attention to the vibrations of the rocks, you will start to feel even the smallest “clicks” as the notches of the rocks are moving over one another.

Below you will find a gallery of some of Grab’s most recent work. You can find much more at the links below, where Grab also goes by the name, Gravity Glue.

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