30 superb inventions that will make our lives easier

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Just think about all those ingenious ideas that have already been transformed into real life inventions. Crazily smart, don’t you think?
We’re sure that after seeing the following new inventions, you’ll get a strong feeling that ’I need this cool stuff right now’, and indeed, soon or later you’ll find yourself in possession of many of them. Why? Because they pretty much represent everything all of us have ever dreamed of owning!

An air mattress for the back seat




’Lockitron’ unlocks your door without any keys



Colander that helps you wash fruit



A pointing bookmark




A portable cup holder for the bath and shower



The popcorn bowl with a kernel sifter




A self-cleaning brush




The multi-tool for eating avocados



Batteries with a USB port 



A separate-cooking pan



A book holder for outside reading



The yolk separator



A waterproof Bluetooth speaker


An ironing board with a mirror



A heat sealer for plastic bags


The ultimate package holder




A device to easily remove the core from bell peppers



A USB flash drive with a built-in micro camera




The available parking space pointer




The transparent toaster




A banana cutter


The salad ’spoon’




A device for measuring the distance with your fingers



A knife/holder for a cake



A device for lifting your potato chips out of the tube



A small pocket printer



A squeezable silicone tea infuser



A nail polish holder



The silicone cooking basket and vegetable steamer



’Tapi’ - a squeezable drink fountain for your taps


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