15 Picturesque Villages That Seem Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

By 6:03 AM

The ancient villages are often more beautiful and picturesque than the current major cities. We makes you so find 15 of these small towns full of charm. They are still inhabited or unoccupied, inland or on the coast, in Asia or in Europe, villages often retain the fingerprint architectures of their past. It was this characteristic that gives them their charm and makes them so attractive.

Provence, France

Bibury, UK

Rothenburg, Germany

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

Bagnone, Italy

Hallstatt, Austria

Manarola, Italy

Gokayama, Japan

Hamnøy, Norway

A fishing village abandoned in China

Renndølsetra, Norway

Eguisheim, France

Shirakawa, Japan

Monemvasia, Greece

A mountain village in China

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