The French built a wine theme park for adults

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On June 1, a unique place dedicated to the culture of wine opened in Bordeaux: a thematic museum named ’The City of Wine’ (La Cité du Vin). It’s truly huge. There are 10 floors with tasting areas, restaurants, shops, lecture and exhibition halls, wine cellars, and even a movie theater.

It took 7 years to create a theme park for adults. Per the designers’ plan, the pavilion reminds one of a glass with wine pouring out. 

The wine museum’s area is 3,000 square meters (32,291 square feet). To let the visitors explore the history and culture of this distinctive drink, the pavilion offers wine tastings, thematic events, 20 multimedia installations and temporary exhibitions.

One of the floors boasts a chandelier made out of — just imagine! — thousands of wine bottles. It also offers a 360° view of the city.

Here’s a virtual tour of a winery. It’s created thanks to videos from a helicopter, and it gives us a chance to plunge into the process of cultivating vineyards anywhere in the world.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there will be 3 temporary exhibitions a year. It should arouse the interest of those who are lucky enough to visit this place at least once.

Dozens of thematic areas are waiting for visitors. Here you can see a lecture hall for 250 people, tasting stations, a mini garden, an E-vine installation with stylized vines and the tablets attached to them, telling about the particular kind of wine, and many other exciting things.

According to the Bloomberg agency, ’The City of Wine’ cost $81 million. Its management expects the museum to be proudly called the largest wine center in the world for years to come.

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