25 ingenious inventions that will help you keep cool this summer

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It seems that all of humanity has united this summer to overcome the heat. In towns and cities, all kinds of devices are being installed to help people avoid the effects of overheating. Even sculptures and statues are now being used to give exhausted passers-by some much-needed freshness amid the glaring sun.
Here are just some of the most ingenious inventions that will help you keep cool this summer.


The banks of the river Seine can cool you down just by looking at them.



A system of water diffusers on the streets of Singapore.


A watering system for a summer dining table.


Now this looks amazing. Why should the grass get all the water?



A water bottle that’s also a water diffuser — get fresh and stay hydrated at any moment.



And you can give your dog a drink too!



R2-D2 can refresh the air in your room, and in the evening he turns into a nightlight.



Darth Vader can also help to keep you feeling fresh if your room is stuffy.



He’s so effective that dad might just take him for himself...



And for those who value beauty, here’s an alternative freshener.



This little thing was designed specially for babies.



Its older cousin can freshen up a whole room, and even your pet!



The incredible bedsheet: it warms you up if you’re cold and cools you down if you’re hot.



This pillow will cool you down if your head’s too hot.



This clever device creates an airflow to keep your bed nice and chilled.



Is your refrigerator broken? There are other ways to cool down your drinks...


These metal beans called ’Joulies’ were created to cool down tea or coffee in an instant.
This incredible cup can freeze any drink you pour into it. Just place the internal part of it in the refrigerator and use whenever you need it. Within six minutes, the ’Slush Cuppy’ can turn tea or juice into a frozen treat.


For beer lovers, you can now get a special stick attached to a bottle top which will cool down your drink in no time at all.




This device, meanwhile, can make a bottle of wine cool and fresh in six minutes.


Do you love cooled-down coffee? Then the Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is definitely for you. Add a few spoonfuls of ground coffee into a special container, pour in some cold water, and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. By morning you’ll have some fresh and energizing iced coffee to drink.

You’ll never feel hot again with this portable fan that attaches to your smartphone.


This special necklace cools down the person wearing it with the help of a special gel contained inside its pearls.
This hand-held fan not only cools down the air, but it also diffuses a stream of water.

Tips for staying fresh

This cooling stick is a great idea for anyone who ends up feeling sleepy because of the heat. Containing seawater and caffeine, it helps to both energize you and moisturize your skin.
This new idea from Neutrogena keeps you feeling fresh whilst also protecting your skin from the sun’s rays.
Sometimes the best way to cool down in the summer heat is to have fun with water. This device lets you fill up 100 water balloons in just one minute.
This ’smart’ rug for your pet keeps itself fresh while the animal is sleeping. It was specially developed by scientists and veterinarians to guarantee a safe but comfortable sleep.

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