The List Of The Highest-Paid Actors In The World

By 8:35 AM

(TIE) 10. Brad Pitt: $31.5 million

(TIE) 9. Akshay Kumar: $31.5 million

(TIE) 8. Robert Downey Jr.: $33 million
Last year's top earner, Robert Downey Jr., fell to eighth place with $33 million. That's a 59% drop. This is mainly because Mr. Iron Man had to split so much of the pie with the rest of the cast in this year's big Marvel hit, "Captain America: Civil War."

(TIE) 8. Shah Rukh Khan: $33 million

7. Vin Diesel: $35 million

6. Ben Affleck: $43 million

5. Johnny Depp: $48 million

4. Tom Cruise: $53 million

3. Matt Damon: $55 million

2. Jackie Chan: $61 million
The No. 2 ranking proves the 62-year-old action star still packs a powerful punch in his native China.

1. Dwayne Johnson: $64.5 million

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