If famous brands started producing things no one ever expected them to

By 5:08 AM

A Russian designer imagined what it would be like if famous companies began producing things no one ever expected them to make.

Bullets by M&M’s

Matches by Cricket

A Heineken brand fire extinguisher

Air horns by Pampers

Play rings from Google

Laundry soap from Chanel

An IKEA piano

An Orbit dental surgery

And here are a few ideas inspired by Ilya’s original post:

Camera lenses by Adidas

A cooking pot from cymbal manufacturer Zildjian

Rubber boots from Canon

Burger King sneakers

Contraception from Kinder Surprise

A Swiss army knife from baby stroller company Chicco

Umbrellas by Crocs

A Durex rubber dinghy

Blood supplied by Heinz

Gas masks by Louis Vuitton

The iToothpick

Cosmetics from Adobe

Medical containers from Dropbox

The McBook

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