This was once one of the most luxurious hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh

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The tale of this five-star hotel began with a love story. It was a luxurious gift from local businessman Raouf to his beloved American wife, an artist. Raouf built a grand hotel with a dozen pools, casino, dancing halls, and restaurants, and named it after himself: Raouf Hotels. His wife became the queen of this place. She managed the hotel and decorated it with passion, furnishing it with exquisite furniture, hanging her own pictures on the walls, and making huge wall embroideries.
The hotel prospered and received great feedback. However, at some point, the smoothly running business suddenly tripped. The flow of tourists dwindled, waiters worked half-heartedly, and the beach was almost empty.
And one day, the hotel was just abandoned. Today, it looks a bit sinister: dried-out swimming pools, large and empty halls... Yet the strangest thing of all is that everything is still as it was when the last employee left this place — even some lights are still on. The restaurant boasts the posh, albeit dusty, furniture and glasses on the tables, and the stores retain their incense and souvenirs. The hotel is not guarded, but locals somehow avoid it and don’t take anything from there.
It seems as though the ghost hotel is still expecting guests.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago it was difficult to find a free place to lie down.

The hotel was surrounded by swimming pools giving off their coolness. Now it looks more like a desert.

Raouf Hotels was discovered by a blogger, who wrote an article about it. ’It looks scary, as if you’re walking around Chernobyl,’ was what he wrote.

The owners had great taste.

Lights are still on in some places.

The casino.

A Chinese restaurant on the outside...

...and inside.

Someone made a secret door into the main building.

It’s dusty and gloomy inside. The main hall was previously decorated with a ’river’ with highlights.

A souvenir and incense store was just locked and left like this.

The store’s book of accounts is still there.

The wall embroidery by Raouf’s wife.

The elevator is still functional, but the blogger didn’t dare enter it. We all know the consequences of such attempts in horror movies about mysterious buildings!

The rock ’n’ roll bar. Once it was noisy here, and people listened to Elvis Presley.

Now the jukebox refuses to turn on.

Behind the bar.

Here, the tourists enjoyed the sea view.

The glass ceiling is bound to fall down at some point.

The VIP building of the hotel is open...

...and all the luxurious furniture is still inside.

As well as here.

You can sit in one of these comfy dusty armchairs and feel as though you’re a very important guest, the one for whom this ghost hotel has been waiting. If only the wine in the glass didn’t dry up long ago...

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