Top 9 Cities Worst for Life

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Economist Intelligence Unit issued a rating cities in the world on the level of fitness for life. According to the report fitness level for the life of the ten cities of Western Europe has decreased, due to the terrorist attacks, in particular in Paris and Brussels.
Political and social unrest, the threat of terrorism and many other factors – that’s what makes many cities of the world uninhabitable.
Each of the 140 cities that participated in the study, received scores – from 0 to 100. Cities were evaluated on parameters such as stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure, but the cost of living is not taken into account. Below is a list of 9 towns that received the lowest number of points, and therefore recognized as the worst for life.
So where on earth to live poorly?


9. Douala, Cameroon

Not surprisingly, among the cities with the lowest number of points so many African cities. City scored enough points for categories such as health, education, infrastructure, culture and ecology. Nevertheless, the city has received a pretty good score on the level of stability.
And Douala – the most expensive city in Africa. One of the major problems hindering the economic development of Douala, considered corruption. Another problem – providing a rapidly growing city with food.
Located city Douala in western Cameroon. In general, if you want everything to be bad, then welcome to Douala.



8. Harare

Harare – One of the worst places to live. He received the lowest number of points in the “Health” category, is one of the worst cities in terms of infrastructure development, as well as here does not stop social unrest. However, it should be noted that the standard of living in the city has improved significantly over the past five years.

The largest city in the country, the population – 1.6 million people. Robert Mugabe’s regime and the economic crisis of the late 1990s had catastrophic consequences for the economy and infrastructure of the city. High unemployment and crime. Except for a few quarters in the center of the city garbage collection and road repairs are not carried out, destroyed the centralized system of water and electricity, no sewage works.

Do you think inflation is 15% a lot? Or 50%? In the 2000s, the country was a severe economic crisis, which reached its peak in 2008, when the public debt reached 131% of GDP, inflation rate was 231,000,000%!

But even here you can find a bright positive.



7. Algiers, Algeria

The city of Karachi with Pakistan was on the 6th place with the same score – 40.9. For all categories – stability, infrastructure, health and education – the city scored very low marks.
The capital and largest city of Algeria. The city’s name comes from “al-Jazaïry”, which in Arabic means “the island”



6. Karachi, Pakistan

The port city in the south of Pakistan, the country’s largest city and one of the largest cities in the world. It is the main financial, banking, industrial and commercial center of Pakistan. Here are the country’s largest corporations. Population – more than 13 million people.
The city has received very low scores for the level of stability and the level of culture and the environment. However, in the category “Education” city received an average score. Thus, it saved him from falling into the top 5 worst cities for life.
Karachi also holds the lowest rankings in the level of livability of cities.



5. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

We are slowly but surely moving to the very bottom. Welcome to Port Moresby – the capital of Papua – New Guinea. In the city live mainly Papuans and Melanesians, speaking, depending on the membership of a particular tribe, more than 700 languages and dialects.
There are very low levels of stability: a total of 30 points out of 100, as it does not subside political and social protests. The level of health and one of the lowest in the world. Here one can not help you.

Although here and beautiful.



4. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka – the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. The population of the suburbs – 16.6 million people.
The terrorist attacks have become a reason for the capital of Bangladesh occupies the lowest place in the ranking. Besides, Dhaka is the lowest score on the level of infrastructure development among the 140 cities that participated in the study.

Everyone on the train!



3. Lagos, Nigeria

The port city in southwestern Nigeria, the largest city in the country with a population of over 13 million. The city is located on the islands and on the coast of the Gulf of Benin (part of the Gulf of Guinea) of the Atlantic Ocean.
The city received the lowest score for stability. This is due to the fact that the terrorist group “Boko Haram” regularly organizes attacks there that claim the lives of many people.



2. Tripoli, Libya

The Libyan capital, located on the Mediterranean coast of the bay. In August 2011, the city became a theater of war between the rebels and the forces of Muammar Gaddafi. And if easier – “zavarushka”, arranged by the US in Libya against Gaddafi in particular.

The escalation of the armed conflict in Libya has seriously undermined the quality of life in this city.



1. Damascus, Syria

The capital and second largest (after Aleppo), a city in Syria. Another US project touched on Syria – Damascus and firmly holds the worst place to live in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Civil War…
The city is still in the middle of an armed conflict, so the stability of the level here is extremely low.

And this conflict has led to the fact that in other areas of life the city did not succeed, as the general instability applies to all indicators, including education and health, as well as the level of infrastructure.

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