13 Photographs That Prove Mom Will Always Be Mom

By 1:40 AM

Among people, the love and care of a mother knows no boundaries. It’s the same in the world of animals. The tender feelings a mother has for her offspring — whether it’s a piglet, baby penguin, or a bear cub — are truly boundless.

Everyone knows that mom’s kisses are the most gentle

Mom will always listen to us and provide advice

But it’s all made better by the priceless moments she spends with you

With mom, you feel like purring with satisfaction

She teaches us so much

And she’ll always be ready to shield you from misfortune

Mom’s been with you right from childhood

You always feel warm both inside and out when you’re with her

You can’t get enough of her tenderness



Sometimes you just need to hug her



And be together



Mom will help you with even the most difficult tasks

Because she’s the best

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