1960th America in Color Photos

By 11:38 AM

A selection of color photos from the family archives. Very interesting to see the clothes, cars, houses and other details of that historical period. Most of it slides bought at auctions or flea markets, digitized and posted to the network.

The grandson and grandmother in her Pontiac Catalina, 1966.

 Repairs on the sidelines.

 The beach in Fort Lauderdale area, FL, 1966.

 Plymouth Valiant, 1960.

 A trip on a passenger train California Zephyr from California to Illinois, 1965.

 Blizzard 1966.
 Ski Resort, 1967.

 San Francisco, 1965.

 San Francisco, 1965.

 Mailbox in two-tone color, Los Angeles, 1960.

 Grumman G-21 Goose private airline Catalina Channel Airlines, California, in 1964.

 Train station Union Station, Denver, Colorado, 1963.

 Entry into the territory of Disneyland Park, California, 1960.

 Snowfall in Queens, New York, 1967.

 Ford Galaxy on retro gas station, 1966.
 Florida, 1963.

 On the farm, Maryland, 1960.

 At a roadside shop, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in 1961.

 Boeing 707 airline Pan American airport in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1966.

 The Wedding, 1969.

 Stardust Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1964.

 After a snowfall in the town of Weston, Connecticut, 1966.

 The trolleybus on the streets of Los Angeles, 1963.

 Grandmother with daughter and grandson, California, 1961.

 Passenger composition Morning Hiawatha Milwaukee Road company pokilaet Chicago Station, 1963.

 White House during John F. Kennedy’s presidency, April 1963 year.

 On a fishing trip, 1963.

 Go back to the party in San Francisco, 1960.

 Somewhere in Alaska, 1960.

 The supermarket in the town of Rockville, Maryland, 1964.

 Brenhem, Texas, 1962.

 Updating the fleet. This autumn 1964.

 The aircraft landed at Transocean Airlines Honolulu Airport, Hawaii, 1960

 Utah, 1963.

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