Victoria`s Secret Show 2016

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In Paris there was one of the most spectacular fashion shows the world – showing a new collection of Victoria’s Secret 2016. The best musicians, the most famous supermodels, and the most delicious of what is a world-renowned brand, sometimes worth millions of dollars.

They are called “angels” because during the annual show they traditionally go to the podium with a variety of wings on his shoulders, like the wings of butterflies, angels, birds and fairies. Angels debut took place during the 4th annual show in 1998. 

A bit of history. Once Roy Raymond, a graduate of Stanford decided to make a gift to his wife, and went to the store in search of beautiful lingerie. Arriving there, he found himself in “the beyond” the world of women’s accessories, and wandered among the shelves with the products of all sizes, colors and styles. Sellers who are trained to serve women who are not able to help him. So Roy and left empty-handed, but with a revolutionary idea. 

In 1977, in a suburb of San Francisco begins to implement its ideas. He opened his first store – «Victoria’s Secret», positioned as a new type of lingerie stores. Shop combines European elegance with a friendly atmosphere in which even men feel comfortable.

Draft Raymond made a real revolution in the approach to lingerie sales in the world. Despite the fact that he grew up repeatedly, Raymond experienced financial difficulties and sold the Victoria’s Secret Leslie Wexner, owner of retail chain of women’s clothing stores The Limited, for 4 million. Dollars. Subsequently Raymond probably regretted it, because the beginning of the 1990 Victoria’s Secret has become a leading US retail chain to sell lingerie, and its annual turnover of more than $ 1 billion .

In any case, the company began with the dawn of the new owner’s actions, and the first thing that made the Wexner – got rid of the image of “paradise for men” and bet on the female audience.

Fashionable underwear from Victoria’s Secret was positioned as an affordable luxury. sexuality atmosphere of elegance and romanticism appealed to women much more than the endless supermarket shelves.

However, not all available here, it is worth remembering only the cost of the laundry on the 1st photo.

Victoria’s Secret holds incredible annual show of new products involving supermodels and famous artists. Left Lady Gaga, who actively protested against the election of Donald Trump.

One of the most famous supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio. At the present time – one of the “angels» Victoria’s Secret and the face of brands such as Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. 35 years, among other things. Paris, November 30, 2016.

The first show Vicroria’s Secret fashion took place in the hotel “Plaza” in New York in August 1995.

 Once again, the same outfit for $ 3 million. Over the Fantasy Bra worked designer Eddie Borgo and jewelery brand AWMouzannar. Bra is decorated with nine thousand precious stones, and its closure is made of gold, emeralds and diamonds. On assurance of the creator, the creation of this dress took 700 hours.

 These screenings annually attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers, with special performances and a variety of scenes. Every year the world’s best models are selected from the 20 to 40 participating in the show.

Shaw Victoria`s Secret in 2016, Paris, 30 November.

The American top model Devon Windsor, 22 years old.

 Model Kendall Jenner, 21 years old.

 Puerto Rican top model Joan Smalls, 28 years old.

Model Jasmine Tux 25 years. She’s in for 3 million went to dress.

 The giant angel wings that are put on the model, as well as other wings of various forms and sizes, such as a butterfly, peacock, or devil wings, became a symbol of the brand Victoria’s Secret.

 Model Brooke Perry.

Shaw Victoria`s Secret in 2016, Paris, 30 November.

The American top model Taylor Hill 20 years.

 Model Kendall Jenner, 21 years old.

The American model Bella Hadid, 20 years old.

 Shaw Victoria`s Secret in 2016, Paris, 30 November.

The end of the show.

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