Baker Uses Cookies As Confectionary Canvases for Vibrant Artwork

By 3:52 AM

 Artist Holly Fox makes vibrant confections that are a feast for the eyes (and stomach, of training course). Working with eccentric cookie cutters to her gain, Fox has been illustrating her extremely own cookies for the previous 5 a long time, and she a short while ago begun promoting them on Etsy. Regardless of whether she’s baking shortly-to-be rainbow ghosts, lively flamingos, or pastel ice cream, the cookie artist aims to embrace her like of customized hues. She’s even manufactured batches of cookies resembling an array of Pantone swatches!
In accordance to her shop’s testimonials, Fox’s types are not only delightful–they’re also delightful! Her consumers especially like the cookies’ gentle texture paired with the enjoyment, crisp icing illustrations. To get your extremely own picturesque treats, you can pay out a go to to Fox’s Etsy shop (but make confident to purchase at minimum 2 months in progress for an occasion).

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