Most Beautiful Birds in the World

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Lorievye parrots

Color parrots this kind of diverse, literally all the colors of the rainbow are present in it. Habitat lorievyh parrots – Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is said that every spring birds begin to fall, forcing the Australians to wear them in the veterinary clinic.


American Kestrel

This species distributed in the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to the Falkland Islands. This is one of the most elegant and small birds of prey in the world.


Crowned Crane

This romantic bird lives in West and East Africa. During courtship the birds perform a kind of dance, including jumping, dash, flapping their wings, shake of the head.



Bird of the family duck likes to sit on the branches of trees and the cliffs. It has a fast and maneuverable flight, taking off easy, sometimes right up. Mandarin has been included in the Red Book of Russia. Hunting is prohibited on it. Birds of this species breed in the parks as a decorative bird


Paradise tanager

Habitat – eastern Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana and Guyana. Color bird quite specific: light green snout, blue breast, purple chin.


The Hoopoe

These birds are fans of having cool mohawks. Often found in Afro-Eurasia, these birds actually like to sunbathe by spreading their wings and tail feathers on the ground and cocking their heads upwards. They’ve been known to take sand or dust baths as well. What’s more, their name is actually an onomatopoeia.


The Golden Pheasant

These bright birds are native to western China. That orange cape they have around their necks actually serve a purpose: when it’s time to find a mate, a male will spread his cape like a fan to show off his colors.


The Atlantic Puffin

Because of their funny appearance, puffins are sometimes called “sea roosters” and “clowns of the sea”. Atlantic puffins feed by diving for fish, but they sometimes munch on other sea creatures such as squids and crustaceans.


The Quetzal

These birds are native to the forests of Central America. Not only do they have an odd assortment of feathers and a wacky hair-do, these birds also have a healthy appetite. They’ll eat anything from lizards, insects, small creatures, and even fruit.


Rainbow Lorikeet

This colorful parrot looks like some wild artist painted all over him. Rainbow Lorikeets are seen often along Australia’s eastern seaboard. They love to hang out in rainforests, woodland areas, and coastal bush. They can also become drunk, usually by consuming fermented nectar, which has been known to last for months.



The Kingfishers

As their name implies, Kingfishers are skilled fishers. Thanks to their large, strong bills, Kingfishers can eat a wide assortment of foods besides fish — frogs, insects, crabs, mice, lizards, and even other birds. When they hunt, usually they find a perch and wait to spot prey. Once a victim is caught, a Kingfisher will bring it back to its perch and whack it to death.


The Lear’s Macaw

These beautiful blue parrots, a.k.a. Indigo Macaws, are a more rare member of the Neotropical parrots referred to as macaws. These parrots are very blue, but if you look closely you might see a slight tinge of green.



Peacocks are definitely one of Mother Nature’s most flashiest dressers. They are pheasants, and they are known for their remarkable tail feathers, which when spread show off incredible “eyes”. These feathers are used in courtship displays and mating rituals, and the females often choose mates based on the length of a male’s feathers.


Keel-Billed Toucans

These birds are native to Belize. They are known for their very colorful bills, which come in a wide assortment of bright colors. But they’re not just flashy birds: they are known for being fearless, as they calmly wait out even the most severe storms.


The Northern Cardinal

You can never miss spotting a Norther Cardinal if you’re in their habitat. Their hot red feathers and wacky, pointy crests will catch anyone’s eyes. What’s more, they keep their red plumage even in the winter. In the summer, they are fans of whistling at dawn.



No list of beautiful birds would be complete without flamingos. These oddly pink birds are often found in southern and western hemispheres (and of course on people’s lawns as plastic ornaments). They are extremely good at balancing: they are capable of standing on one leg for hours at a time.


The California Condor

California Condors are the largest land birds in North America. They have an odd violet tinge to their skin, and sometimes even sport a strange unibrow. Unfortunately, these big fella’s are endangered.


Bohemian Waxwing

These birds don’t stand out with bright colors as do some others on this list, but on closer inspection, their elegance becomes apparent. They have sleek, smooth brown feathers, with just the right amount of bright highlights on their tail feathers. Their funny-shaped crests give them a slightly comical aspect, too.


Northern Oriole

These birds are small, with a beautiful mix of black and yellow feathers. What’s more, they have a baseball team inspired by them – the Baltimore Orioles. These birds are generally solitary until mating season. The males are known for their singing; their chirps have been described as loud, flutey, bold, and buzzy.


Blue Bird-of-Paradise

The birds-of-paradise is a group of birds often found in New Guinea, and the Blue bird is likely the famous one of all. Not only are they beautiful, but the males perform hilarious courtship displays; they’ll hang upside down from branches, spread their plumage, and sing in a low, throaty voice.





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