The Awesome Winners of the National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids

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National Geographic Kids has just announced the winners of the International Photography Contest for Kids, their annual photo competition for kids, ages 6-14, from around the world.

Out of the more than 46,000 entries from young photographers from around the world (a 162% increase from last year), 11-year-old Dewi Baggerman from the Netherlands was named the grand-prize winner for her photo of a field of vibrant tulips, captured from a unique, low angle (image below). Dewi has won a five-day, four-night trip to Washington, D.C., and a tour of National Geographic headquarters. In the U.S. competition, 12-year-old Kate Anderson from Shelley, Idaho, captured the grand prize. For her unique photo of a chick, titled “Owning the Stage,” Kate has won a ten-day National Geographic Galápagos Family Odyssey.

Grand Prize Winner / 1st Place Dare to Explore
Dewi Baggerman, Age 11, Netherlands


Owning the Stage
Grand Prize Winner (US) / 1st Place Weird But True
Kate Anderson, Age 12



Mystic Gates
1st Place Dare to Explore (US)
Riley Harlan, Age 12

High in the mountains of Japan, 10,000 gates lie still, just waiting to be explored.

Runner Up, 1st Place Amazing Animals
Maj Kastelic, Age 13, Slovenia


Runner Up, 1st Place Wild Vacation
Sanya Jain, Age 12, India


Archway to Cesky Krumlov
2nd Place Dare to Explore (US)
Alexia Saigh, Age 14

Take a peek through this archway into the beautiful southern Bohemian town of Cesky Krumlov located in the Czech Republic. Once there, you can meander throughout this medieval town over the cobblestones, bridges, and see the unique buildings.

Paririe Kiss
2nd Place Amazing Animals (US)
Frey Youssef, Age 12

This is a photo of a mother prairie dog greeting its young pup with a kiss. It was taken in Custer State Park this spring.

Honorable Mention, Weird But True
Devananda Hardi, Age 7, Indonesia


Underwater Basketball
2nd Place, Weird But True (US)
Josephine Goldman, Age 13

I went to a summer camp in North Carolina where I got scuba certified. In one lake I went diving in, Fantasy Lake, there were many everyday things under the water, such as a basketball court complete with 14-pound bowling balls that felt like basketballs while underwater. I captured this shot right as my friend dunked the ball into the basket as the sun blazed down into the water.

Honorable Mention, Amazing Animals
Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis, Age 10, Netherlands



Runner Up, 1st Place Weird But True
Pan Yinzhi, Age 13, China


1st Place, Amazing Animals (US)
David Hopkins, Age 13

We were at the Woodland Park Zoo this summer and there were many birds. I got this pic while he/she was fluttering into his/her nest.

Zip-line Adventure
1st Place, Wild Vacation (US)
Ryan Hughes, Age 13

This photo was taken right after she jumped off a wooden ledge.

Dromedaries on Diani
2nd Place, Wild Vacation (US)
Piers Nicklin, Age 12

Napping on the beach, I opened my eyes to this colorful parade of camels on Galu Beach in Kenya.

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